The company Geoplant vivai s.r.l. Società Agricola was launched in 2007 and was the natural continuation of Danesi Secondo’s original company, Geoplant, which the Danesi family founded over 30 years ago. It is against this backdrop that the company has inherited its expertise and know-how, along with skill of managing nurseries producing fruit and strawberry plants.

Being fully aware that plants are not a commodity, but rather an investment, Geoplant Vivai operates across numerous areas in order to fully understand its customer’s needs. It does so by committing itself to improving the structure and the morphology of the product, checking all the process from a health and safety perspective, assessing the genetic correlation of the different varieties produced and by recommending the best varieties that have come to light through worldwide research.

By so doing, Geoplant Vivai attains the utmost levels of quality in its plants so that for its clients, creating revenue becomes a goal that is both concrete and tangible.